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15th Apr – Lewis A

Written By: Sex Writer - Apr• 14•15

Lewis is a true scally lad off a rough council estate in South London.  He always getting into scraps with his mates and generally getting up to no good on the estate!  And, of course, he wanders round in his trackies and other scally gear, whilst regularly shoving his hands down his pants and playing with himself! For this shoot he wore a white hoody trackie top, striped Lon…

1st Apr – Danny L & Rob C

Written By: Sex Writer - Mar• 31•15

This was Rob’s first proper porn shoot – he only turned 18 a few months ago – and we paired him up with Danny, a lad who has quite a bit of experience. We needn’t have worried though as Rob showed no nerves and performed like a veteran! Rob came up from London for the shoot, a long old trek, and he was keen to make up for lost time.  Once the lads had settled down on the sofa they…

18th Mar – Aaron S

Written By: Sex Writer - Mar• 17•15

Aaron is a slim chav lad from Manchester.  He has done quite a bit of porn over the years but he’s still a fit horny fucker who loves to get his kit off in front of the cameras.  He loved the thought of doing some of the shoot in front of the hotel window to give a free show to any lucky passers by (although we were six floors up!). We started the shoot in the window arch, wi…

4th Mar – Cal

Written By: Sex Writer - Mar• 03•15

Cal is a local scally lad who I had been very keen to get on the site for some time.  He’s a postie – wish he did my round as I get some fat old ugly fucker!  Anyway he drove down in his new(ish) souped up Renault Clio chav-mobile!  In real life he’s not actually like a typical scally lad, in that he can actually hold a conversation and smile occasionally!  He had had a h…

18th Feb – Rob C & Jay B

Written By: Sex Writer - Feb• 17•15

Both lads looked well fit in their trackies and trainers and I could tell before we even started filming that there was great chemistry between them.  Once on the bed it didn’t take long for it to show, as these horny boys kissed and caressed each other with great passion.  Rob loved licking Jay all over, including his nipples and his nice, smooth armpits!  The lads work…