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Written By: Gay Story Man

Original gay romance novel available for free online readingIf you were to buy this book, it would be over 940 Pages long, but hey, you get to help save a few trees, by reading the complete book right here.

This is more than just how two teenagers find each other, how they discover their emotional attachment for each other. It is a story about love, real love that isn’t all that easy to find, or to hold onto.

Billy is about unconditional love, and for many who don’t understand, it is about sex but on a far higher plain than many have ever experienced. It isn’t about getting off, but about touching the other’s soul. That is what Billy is, a journey into the world of real love, of real connections between two people.

It is the completion of the circle of life. When two souls find the one part missing.

We all say ‘I Love You‘ but they are just words. Some of us mean it, some of us just go through the motions. Billy is about going forward, about discovering what the words really mean, and how that ‘Love‘ does more than just make for hot sex. How it can change attitudes, can give some courage to dream, to act.

Nothing is easy, but loving someone totally is a test that not many can pass. This novel is about that test, about how two teenagers face those challenges, and how they cope with it. Do they meet the challenges or do they fail?

You’ll have to Read the Book to find out.

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