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100% Free

Call me crazy, or maybe it is vanity, but I have decided to put my original novels online, at no cost to you. Yes, that is right, these books are available for reading online, at my various web sites, at no cost.

Gay Fiction dot Com (where you are now) will also host some ‘discipline‘ type stories as well. For the present time, Billy, First Kiss, and Summers Surrender are the full length novels available here. Over time, this selection will be increased.

You can ‘comment‘ on any chapter you wish. At the end of each Chapter is the standard ‘comment box‘ and no, you don’t need to register to comment. All comments are, however, moderated. Simply put, you write the comment and a ‘moderator‘ will insure that it isn’t spam, then allow it to be posted to the site.

Why Free?

I am nuts, I mean can there be any other reason? Laughing Out Loud

Truth is, I like to write, and I figure the easiest way to have people read what I write, is to make them available for free. Naturally this costs me money, so if you want to be nice, if you like what you read here, maybe you’ll consider renting a video or two from my Pay Per View section, or even really be a sport and sign up for one of the Premium Membership Sites available here.

If you don’t want to, hey you still get to read for free. Maybe you’ll post a comment or two, or not.

Like I said, I am nuts, or just getting mellow in my old age?

from me, gaystoryman

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