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Written By: Gay Story Man

The Joys of Computers and the Internet.

It can be daunting at times, specially when things keep changing, technology keeps on advancing. Below are some helpful tips, on how to fully enjoy this site. Little tips on exactly what everything means, how to better use some of the features here.

Gay Fiction Reading is about just that, READING. Yes, we have lots of pictures too, but the emphasis on the site is to provide YOU with some original fiction. Some in stories, most in full length Novels.

Navigating Gay Fiction Reading.

There are several ways for you to move around here. There is the standard method of choosing the category you want to browse through, and have a gander at. They are located on the side, under the title ‘Free Reading Choices‘. This section is also repeated at the bottom of every page as well.

There is also the more easy way of seeing what is here, through the Site Guide Page, which is located in the top menu bar. This page lists every single post & page that is available for your reading enjoyment.

It is set up in a simple list feature, so you can easily find a story, novel chapter, and just ‘click it‘ to be off reading your selection.

You can view either a category or the actual post / page. They are all active links, which will open a new browser window.

Never Get Lost

I have also added a special ‘following navigation trail‘ so that where ever you are on my site, you can easily find your way back to the previous page. This is called a ‘breadcrumb navigation‘ and you can find it located just under the Page Menu Bar.

This form of navigation shows you how you got to where you are. All of the links shown are active, meaning you can simply click on the one where you wish to go back to.

Special Novel Navigation

I have also added a Table of Contents for the novels available here.

Each book, is shown by the Chapter. It is in one single post, so you can read the whole chapter, without having to click constantly for pages. I mean some of them are lengthy. The Table of Contents is now located at the bottom of each posted Chapter.

This is so when you finish reading a Chapter, it will be super easy to move on to the next one. No having to scroll up to the top of the page.

Clicking these links, open in the same browser window.


As you may have noticed, if you have been here before, the site has changed dramatically. The main entry page, the ‘home page‘ now has lots of pictures, and snippets of articles / posts showing.

The First Section, shows the LATEST FIVE ENTRIES. As new entries are made, this section will change, showing a new picture, a new entry snippet. The pictures are all linked to that Entry / Post.

Above each article title, is the category that article is listed under. You can click it to view other articles in that category. Clicking either the ‘image‘ under the title, or the ‘continue reading‘ link will open up that particular page/article. It will be in the same browser window.

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