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Written By: Gay Story Man

The wife is always looking over my shoulder, at the pictures that come across my desk, as I try to write the stories, and add some eye candy for everyone. He keeps comparing his willie with theirs, and I love it when he squeals about how his is nicer, longer, or thicker.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I am going to list below the individual links to full size pictures, that you can stare at, drool over, or just compare.

INSTRUCTIONS » You just need to click the underlined link to bring up the page or post that has that image in it. Clicking the ‘image’ will darken the page, and show you the Full Sized Image. Clicking the full sized image will return you to the page.

This feature will have regular updates, to sort of help make your visit a bit more entertaining. I mean some of the Book Chapters are a bit long, and you might want to give your eyes a rest.

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