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gay terms and slangWhat Is… Gonorrhea

Bacterium that grows in warm moist places of the body, which can include the eyes, mouth, urethra (urinary canal), throat, and anus. Anyone can get it, if you are sexually active, and DO NOT PRACTICE SAFER SEX.

Symptoms may not always show up, or if they do can be mild in nature or take up to 30 days to show up. Some of the more common symptoms are swollen testicles, a mild sore throat, a discharge while urinating, painful urination, sore bum, itchy bum, painful bowel movements, bleeding.

Problem is, these symptoms can range from being virtually unnoticeable, to severe.

CDC estimates that more than 700,000 persons in the U.S. get new gonorrheal infections each year. (source – CDC)

If left untreated, it can lead to infertility for men, or spread to the blood stream and/or joints, which can become LIFE THREATENING.

People infected with Gonorrhea, and are HIV+ can more easily transmit the HIV VIRUS. On the other hand, those who are infected with Gonorrhea, are also more susceptible to being infected by the HIV Virus as well.


Testing can be done relatively easily, by a proper certified Health Care Professional. Usually this involves a sample being taken from the potential infected area, and sent for analysis. Usually this is simply having to pee in a cup, that is sent for analysis. There is also an ‘in office‘ technique, a gram stain, that some Health Care Professionals can do in their office. This procedure is more accurate for men, than women.


A range of antibiotics are available for treatment. Once cured, it DOES NOT MEAN you are IMMUNE from being re-infected.

It should be NOTED, that simple antibiotic’s are becoming less effective, as the strain of Gonorrhea is becoming more DRUG RESISTANT. It is one reason WHY frequent testing should be done, even after treatment.

Rather interesting to note, that many words actually mean the same thing. Now you know why you are looking at this page.

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