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Night Prowler

Written By: Gay Story Man

Night Prowler is one of those stories I sort of fell into writing.

The story is set in a small college town, that could be anywhere really, and it is about how a young man is forced to make ends meet, for himself and his family.

In some ways it is a social commentary, in other ways it is a story about self discover.

For some, it is a mystery story, for others it is a romance story.

Personally, I think it is simply a life story, about how things happen, and how we choose to deal with it. It explores some of what goes on, behind the facade of being a caring and tolerant society.

In all honesty, I don’t find society tolerant, nor accepting. I find it racist, though there are signs of that changing, but ever so slowly.

I hope you will enjoy this story. Feel free to comment on it or not.

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