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Unprotected Sex

Written By: Gay Story Man

gay terms and slangWhat Is… Unprotected Sex

Rather interesting to note, that many words actually mean the same thing. Now you know why you are looking at this page.

Unprotected Sex is just another word for Bareback Sex, in that no safe guards are taken to prevent the transmission of Diseases or Virus. This generally will mean that the semen is allowed to be ejaculated into the anus, or mouth without any barriers, such as condoms or dental dams.

This is considered RISKY BEHAVIOR by many, myself included. However, it is a personal choice, but one that can lead to serious health risks. Not just about being infected with HIV, but with other diseases like Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and others.

While HIV makes the news, the others are just as life threatening, and definitely can effect one’s quality of life. So it is a serious risk, and one that should be thought out very carefully.

Condoms are NOT 100% Fool Proof. However, not using one is 100% RISKY.
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Gay adult pay per view video from AEBN Double Dick

This is a bareback video, in that no protection is used to protect the Actors from disease, or other infections.

Call me stupid, but I wonder, should we be promoting such videos?

Yes, many people do indeed watch them, and it is about a fantasy, but do we allow these fantasies to intrude into our daily lives? Do we see others having Unprotected Sex, so we accept it, and even emulate them?


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