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Safe Sex

Written By: Gay Story Man

gay terms and slangWhat Is… Safe Sex

Basically there isn’t much that is 100% Safe, other than the obvious, which is either Masturbation or Abstinence.

While we all jack off, it is the exchange of body fluids that is risking, so Circle Jerks are fine, as long as you don’t go splashing.

Abstinence really isn’t much of a choice, despite the rhetoric of the Religious Right, so we are left with doing our best to insure we limit the risks we are exposed to. This is a PERSONAL CHOICE, but should not be taken lightly either.

Using Condoms and other Barriers, while engaging in sex is just common sense. The transmission of various diseases happens, from small paper cuts on our fingers, to popped zits even. So making decisions when Stoned or Drunk is not a smart move.

It isn’t just about AIDS either, but the other STDs that are out there. Syphilis is a nasty one, and if left untreated, or un diagnosed, well, DEATH is a real result. In some instances, these infections lead to severe organ damage, and yes, BLINDNESS.

I mean really, is SEX worth all that?

UNSAFE SEX is a 100% Guarantee

of some form of INFECTION.

Rather interesting to note, that many words actually mean the same thing. Now you know why you are looking at this page.

Safer Sex, Protected Sex, Condom Sex, Masturbation, are all words referring to the practice of Safe Sex. The degree of safety depends on the amount of safety precautions you take or don’t. It also depends on the quality of goods you purchase.

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