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gay terms and slangWhat Is… Condoms

Like we all know what condoms are, but do we know that some have an expiry date?

Did you also know, that certain condoms come with a spermicide that really is no longer considered good to use, or that depending on the Condom, certain lubricants should NOT BE USED with them?

Condom Use is part of the accepted Safer Sex Practice creed, and while NO CONDOM IS 100% SAFE, the simply truth is that it is better than nothing.

Safer Sex isn’t just about trying to prevent catching AIDS (being infected with the HIV virus) but is also about limiting the risks for becoming infected by other Diseases. Some of then are also highly dangerous, if left untreated.

Rather interesting to note, that many words actually mean the same thing. Now you know why you are looking at this page.

Rubbers, Rubber Suit, Suiting Up, wet suit, are all words referring to using condoms, or applying condoms.
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