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Bug Chasers

Written By: Gay Story Man

gay terms and slangWhat Is… Bug Chaser

A HIV- person who seeks to have unprotected sex with another that is HIV+ in order to acquire the Virus themselves.

There are some who claim that it is inevitable that they will acquire the Virus, no matter what protection or safer sex practices they follow, therefore rather than worry about it, they might as well get infected, and get it over with.

Doesn’t make sense to me, but there is a growing number of people who actively go out, to seek HIV+ men, and have unprotected sex with them.

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Bareback Sex is a hot topic among Gay Webmasters. For some reason, it is a Non Issue among the Straight Side of this Industry. Fact is that many people enjoy WATCHING videos where the actors are not using any Condoms. It is part of their FANTASY, which is what I sell here at Gay Fiction.

I am not a fan of Bareback Sex, simply due to the many risks of which HIV INFECTION is just one of the many possible risks inherent in such action. However, it is not my place to tell ANYONE how to behave, it is a choice each person must make on their own.

What I do hope, is that we are mature enough to NOT MAKE THOSE CHOICES UNINFORMED.

Lifestyles is just one brand of condoms available

Lifestyles is just one brand of condoms available

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