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Amateur Brits

Written By: Gay Story Man

We love Amateur guys at Blake Mason Both Ian and I are fans of Blake Mason.

They are a site from England, featuring nothing but Amateur Males from the British Isles.

Now Ian is a bit of a cheapskate, and well, so am I, but you know, we are members of Blake Mason.

Yes they are a sponsor here, but they are a lot more than that, they have saved Ian a ton of money, because I don’t want to rent any porn videos every weekend, thanks to the steamy videos at Blake Mason.

They really are that good!


Now I know it might sound like a line, but I really do enjoy jerking off to the videos at Blake Mason. There is Will, Matt M. and who can forget Matt H. and his massive dick? I mean that thing is huge, and I’ll be honest, no way that sucker coming close to my butt hole. Hard enough to let the Hubby (Ian) have his way, but he ain’t anywhere as huge as Matt H. Thankfully!

Thing with Blake Mason is that it really is high class. I mean the videos are crisp, the sound is clear, and they give you at least a good 20 minutes per video. They have over 280 of them, Exclusive too. Unlike the crappy porn videos at the Video Store, I actually enjoy watching these videos and the odd bonus footage, over and over again.

Plus this site updates twice a week, without fail.

For $28 to join, it really is a bargain, but hey, don’t take my word for it. Try the trial offer and see for yourself just how good this site really is.

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