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The Secret

Written By: Gay Story Man

Original gay fiction novel by GaystorymanThere are perhaps three novels I have written, that I still read over again, time permitting.

One is the Locker, the other is Summer Surrender, and this one, The Secret. In all honesty, The Secret was the hardest to write, of any of my novels. It was tough, because there is so much emotion, and the simple truth is, Suicide among Gay Teenagers is one of the leading killers among Gays.

It isn’t that we are a depressing group either, nor is it that we have some mental imbalance. It is simply that many simply get tired of the abuse, the bullying, that is allowed to go on. In schools, in the home, simply because some are of the opinion that being Gay is a choice.


No one chooses to be bullied, to be the brunt of jokes, of cruel attacks, no more than they choose what skin color they have, what color their natural hair is. We are who we are, just as GOD MADE US, and unfortunately too many like the Pope, the late Jerry Falwell, and today’s politicians like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Stephen Harper are unable to understand that. They can’t see beyond the opportunity it gives them, to scare others, to garner support, at the expense of human life.

Too many die, not from hatred really, but from ignorance. So yes, this was a tough story to write, but one I felt compelled to do. I hope you will enjoy it, or at least enjoy reading it. There will be those who will say things have changed, but look at the news. The Mathew Shepard Bill still hasn’t been enacted by the US Congress, because too many oppose the simple act of making hate crimes against Gays, illegal.

Prejudice exists, the rights denied to Gays still exist, and so to those who think it has improved, maybe you need to wake up. You won’t find suicide due to bullying, listed in many police blotters, but you’ll hear from the grieving parents. You won’t see headlines screaming about another gay teenage suicide, because it doesn’t sit well with the corporate advertisers to those media outlets. Besides, they don’t think anyone really wants to know, it just isn’t as much fun as it is to write about the latest Hollywood starlet that is off her meds, or taking meds she shouldn’t.

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