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Written By: Gay Story Man

Welcome to Gay FictionIf You Love to Read, Then I think I can Satisfy that Need.

This site is dedicated to reading, to being able to just sit back and enjoy a good book. I love to write, but rather a waste if no one gets to read them, isn’t it? And have you ever tried to get a book with sex published?

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, who needs to waste paper.

Besides, who needs a publisher to ‘red pencil’ out all those sex scenes? That is why I have set up a series of web sites, to let you kick back and do some reading. Now these aren’t the normal books you might expect to find online. These books would print out to some fairly decent sized tomes.

Billy will print out to over 940 Pages. Other books range from a few hundred pages to several hundred. Hell, my novel ‘The Secret’ is over 1100 pages long. Now you can understand what I mean when I say I love To Write.

Why Free?

Like I said, what good is it to write these stories, and have no one read them? Besides, I am hoping you’ll maybe take a break and rent a video or something from the pay per view section I have added to the site. Hey, it all helps plus you get to have some visual fun with your reading fun. If not, there are some adult sites listed you might want to join, or if you are a real tight wad, like me, then maybe you’ll post a comment or two after reading a chapter?

As this site develops, I will be adding some selected short stories as well. For those of you in a hurry. There might even be a few more of my novels added to the the Three I will be making available here.

I take my time, as these are my babies. So if you need more to read, while I begin adding the books and stories here, along with the other sections, why not Check out my erotic fiction for free at

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