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In The BushesThe ‘Hubby‘ says I should be the host here, and at his other sites, because he thinks I am cute.

Like what else can he say, specially if he wants sex tonight, or any night.

So he is going to add some photo galleries, which will be listed in the sidebar, and there will be some selected images shown as well on the sidebar. However, the collection will be on individual pages.

Like I know what he is talking about?

He says he is going to experiment and add some movie clips too, but that is for later.

Ian is setting up the galleries, so that he can show you samples of the latest additions to a few sites. So below you will find links to PAGES HERE AT GAY FICTION, that hosts these pictures. Click the RED UNDERLINED LINKS in those pages to see more from those individual sponsors.

Clicking each picture, will let you see a larger image, and each gallery will also have a slideshow feature, so you can see a moving show of all the pictures on that particular gallery page.

He also says I get a slice of his commission, so uh, would it be rude if I asked you to join and join and join?

Yeah, but hey, I like it when Ian buys me things, and so I hope you will at least consider joining the sites. He says it is a lot of work to code this stuff, and get up. (Yes, you know what my retort was, don’t you?) Still he does seem to work at it a bit, so maybe he is right.

Anyhow, ENJOY!

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