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Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Written By: Gay Story Man

Title / Term

Autoerotic  Asphyxiation

Short Description:

What Is… the deprivation of air during sexual role playing games, including choking, hanging, and other such oxygen deprival acts.

Related Terms:

Self bondage, breathe play, BDSM, asphyxiation, anoxia, hypoxyphilia, self strangulation, partial asphyxia,

Related Words:

Scarfing, Choking Game,

Meaning / Long Description:

To willingly submit to having your oxygen supply limited or actually cut off, while engaging in sexual activities.

To create a ‘state of euphoria’ while ejaculating. [the idea of being in a trance like state, almost mystical in nature (according to some) which supposedly enhances the orgasm one achieves, while in this state of mind.]

Considered a form of ‘edge play’ in BDSM circles. It is also part of the ritual in ‘self bondage’ activity.


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