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Epilogue Kerry’s blond hair blew across his face in the pale morning breeze. He watched with dry eyes as he saw the stretcher loaded aboard the small plane, and then he watched, his heart aching, but his body straight and tall, as Mike boarded the same small plane. For a few seconds, Mike turned to […]

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 The drive back to town was a nightmare for Kerry. Brett sat in the passenger side of Trey’s truck, his eyes red from all of his crying, and every few seconds gut-wrenching sobs would pass his lips. If Kerry didn’t have to concentrate on driving this strange truck, he would have been in […]

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Kerry woke early and was busy making the morning coffee when Trey and Brett sauntered up from the beach. They obviously had been up even earlier and judging by their smiles, they hadn’t been checking out the flowers. Mike and Kenny woke up to the noise of laughter and sunshine as they poked […]

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Mike felt like he was being shaken and he just lay there, murmuring in his sleep. “Come on Mike, wake up, hurry.” “Uh, what?”Mike shook his head, feeling the sudden urgency in Kerry’s voice. “What is it Kerry?” he asked, and then he heard for himself. Voices in the bush, coming closer, brushes […]

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Mike jumped up, pushing Kerry aside. The sun was slowly sinking in the evening sky as he rose to a sitting position. His heart was racing, and his breathing was labored. “What is it?” a startled Kerry asked “I don’t know, must have been a weird dream,” Mike replied. “Man that is freaky.” […]

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