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Mathew & Skyler

One of the benefits of writing fiction, is that a person gets to make their surfing, business related. I mean seriously, a guy can only think of so many plots, without some help. So in browsing through Boyfunk I came across Mathew & Skyler. There is something about how they look, that just of got […]

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D.I. Sweeney – the Cottage

UK Naked Men presents D.I. Sweeney Files 6 For those who are looking for some helpful visual aids, to suggest a great jack off scenario, then check out the high resolution videos from UK Naked Men. These videos use quality sets, and video production, to enhance your fantasies. From a bookshop encounter, to a trip […]

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Roadie from UK Naked Men

Have another taste treat from the folks over in England. UK Naked Men presents ROADIE. Another exclusive video that does more than just show you hard bodies engaged in sex, but actually helps make your fantasies more real. Ever wondered what it was like to be a roadie? Now take an inside look with this […]

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Straight for Gay

Looking for some video entertainment? Check out these straight boys, who do it for the money. Least that’s what they claim. You be the judge, as you watch these adult only videos. Available anytime YOU want to watch. No hassles, and you can choose from THOUSANDS OF EROTIC TITLES. Lots of viewing options as well, […]

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Watch It Here

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