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New Story – Remembering

[singlepic=555,125,,,left]The first two parts of this story are now available, for your online reading pleasure. This story is over at my Erotic Fiction site, and just like this site, the Fiction is 100% Free. You can read over 200 free stories there, the more shorter one’s, than the full length novels that are available here. […]

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Making the Team story

Gaystoryman’s Fiction has a new two part story online. You can read over 190 erotic stories, for FREE, which really is FREE. There is no registration needed or any fee required to read all of these stories online. Each story is easy to find, use the Site Guide or find the theme you are interested […]

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Wyatt from ‘I Am Queer’ novel

Wyatt Thursday 11:19 a.m. He handed the tall young blond his change and smiled, enjoying the look the young boy gave him as he pocketed his money. There was something so inviting about the boy, almost as if he knew him and yet this was only the second time he had seen him. The boy’s […]

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Marty from ‘I Am Queer’ novel

Marty Buck opened one eye and then the next as he stared at the reflection of a bed and some balding head peeking out of the rumbled sheets. Christ it even had teeth too but he cringed as he felt the hammers starting once more inside of his head. Shit, he wished they would just […]

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Ty from ‘I Am Queer’ novel

NEW FLASH! GULF OF OMAN The U.S. Navy reported this evening that a fighter aircraft on routine patrol over the no fly zone near Iraq was shot down by Iraqi missiles. The fate of the Pilot, Major Green and his navigator Lieutenant Francis is unknown. Department of Defence officials refuse to comment on whether a […]

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