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Dec 18th – Billy

Billy now lives in Bristol, so he’s now a little closer to UKScallyLads. He performed well in his pair shoot as a top, but doesn’t mind something up his own butt too. He showed up in full scally kit – Nike trainers, black trackie bottoms, white England football top, black Everlast hoody and a white […]

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Night Prowler (epilogue)

Epilogue They saw him sitting at one of the booths towards the back of the Café. Both of them looked a bit rumbled but then they really hadn’t had much sleep even though they were late for meeting Andy. It just seemed like each time they had tried to get to sleep, something had made […]

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Night Prowler (14)

Chapter 14 Jesse felt a strange reluctance suddenly as the whole house was quiet. No one had really spoken since they heard the Sheriff’s car leave but he could feel the way Kip kept staring at him. It was uncomfortable and yet at the same time pleasing. He knew he had made the right decision […]

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Night Prowler (13)

Chapter 13 The room was dark and yet he knew he couldn’t turn on the light. It was strange to be here, alone and feeling yet like he was being watched by a thousand pair of eyes. Every sound made him flinch inside as he wondered if his secret was being spread from dorm room […]

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Night Prowler (12)

Chapter 12 If you don’t aspire to great things, you won’t attain small things. — Jewish Proverb Bailey & Chris It felt kind of strange, leaning back in the bucket seat staring up at the clear sky, the darkness lit by the pale glow of the moon and distant blue of the stars. He never […]

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