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Dec 18th – Billy

Billy now lives in Bristol, so he’s now a little closer to UKScallyLads. He performed well in his pair shoot as a top, but doesn’t mind something up his own butt too. He showed up in full scally kit – Nike trainers, black trackie bottoms, white England football top, black Everlast hoody and a white […]

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Billy – Chapter 48 (The End)

Chapter 48 Mike watched as the football went arcing out of the QB’s hand and he followed its trajectory, a small prayer in his heart as he watched the tussled haired blond running flat out down the sideline. His hands were clenched tightly into a balled fist, and he struck the side of his legs, […]

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Billy – Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Seth stared at the shimmering papers that lay across the desktop, his eyes misted as he sat back in his high backed leather chair and just stared down towards the neatly typed papers. His heart was racing and the way his chest heaved and his breathing became laboured was almost too much for […]

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Billy – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 “Billy, telephone” “Take a message” “She says it’s your Aunt Karen and it’s important” “Okay, hang on” “Hi, Aunt Karen?” Billy listened as his aunt talked, and he found it a little hard to concentrate, as Mike was being very naughty. Damn, it was like there wasn’t any place safe for him, and […]

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Billy – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 The sun was shining straight into his eyes and he grimaced as he tried to shift positions. The place wasn’t roomy and he could feel his butt pushing against Seth’s as he struggled to ignore the bright lights and the sounds of screaming kids as they ran around the tent. Whoever thought of […]

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