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Election Fever

Well Night Prowler is finished, and you can enjoy the entire story online, along with several other of my novels. In the meantime, I am going to take a break as there are two elections going on, that sort of have my attention. Yes, Canada goes to the Polls on October 14 and I really […]

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An Angry Mob

You know, all the debates that go on about this and that, whether it is who is responsible for non working plug ins for Blogs, to whether Proposition 8 in California is not about being a Bigot, but about Religious Rights, there is something that struck me. While engaging in the debates on Proposition 8, […]

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A Hallmark Moment

Interesting to note, that Hallmark is releasing four ‘same sex marriage‘ greeting cards this summer, after the Supreme Court Ruling in California. However, the company claims it is due to Economic Reasons, not any political pressure. I suppose that means from the GLBT Community. Hallmark started offering “coming out” cards last year, and the four […]

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Doctors Cannot Withhold Care for Gays

That is just one of the headlines today, about the recent California Supreme Court Ruling. Yet if you read the stories on this, it is a case about a couple of Fertility Doctors, who refused to help inseminate a Lesbian, based on their religious beliefs. And yet this isn’t a cut and dried case of […]

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No More Gay Bishops

Being Jewish, I am certainly not well versed in all the nuances between the various sects of Christianity. I know there are Baptists, Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, and others, similar to Judaism, which has reform, conservative, orthodox, humanist. Yet in our religion, a person’s sexuality isn’t a big deal. In fact the largest group, the Conservatives, […]

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