Making Reading Fun Again

easy reading comfortGet comfy, and let me tell you a few stories.

Enjoy full length gay novels, ranging from Mystery to a real humdinger of a Romance.

No Page Flipping either, plus it is All for Free too.

Choosing What to Read

I use a 'blog' format to make it easy for you enjoy either a novel or story.

using a blog format for reading books

Simply choose if you want to read a book or story from the 'category' menu on the far left of the opening page.

choose what to read, book or story

Easy to Find

choose by novel's title
Each of my Novels is listed by it's Title, so you can easily get right to it.

Each book is posted by Chapters, to eliminate endless clicking or 'page flipping'.

Read by Chapters

To proceed to the 'Next Chapter' is simple, merely click on the 'chapter link' located at the top of each Novel's Chapter Post.
novels clickable table of contents
At the beginning of each chapter, is the Novel's Table of Contents.

Each listed Chapter is a DIRECT LINK to that Chapter.