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gay romance novel BillyBILLY is perhaps one of the more popular novels I have written.

It is a lengthy piece of work, but I think you will enjoy the story about two teenagers who fall in love, and about how their love effects their entire family.

It isn't just about the sex, but about how honest love can change those around you, how it can effect people who seem unreachable.

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Erotic Fiction Stories

I also offer a few selected short stories.

These are primarily BDSM stories, for those who enjoy a bit of pain with their sex.

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There are some tricks and hints to being able to enjoy your online reading experience.

Take a moment to read these hints, so you will fully enjoy the stories.
first time gay sex experience storyBeing Gay in a small town isn't as easy or idealic as some make it to be.

Kerry just wants to get laid, and the camping trip he takes is a lot more than just swimming and sex.

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safe sex means using condoms

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