Making Sense of 18 USC 2257

Personal commentary by Gaystoryman

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Let’s clear up the details first. To begin with, I am a Canadian Citizen, living in Canada . My sites are all hosted in Canada , by a Canadian company. The models and movies shown on this site are from reputable adult companies who deal in this matter. They are, for the most part, located outside the United States . The models they use are all over the age of eighteen, at time of filming, according to their own information.

To those wishing to verify that information, I suggest they contact them. Their legal information is included in this site.

So why all this bullshit? Why this page even?

Simple, the puritans in the United States Congress think that they own the world, including the Internet. It is their apparent belief that all websites need conform to their archaic rules and regulations, because they are the World’s guardians for children.

Fact is, these rules place a huge burden on webmasters who do not produce their own content. My stories are mine, created from my own imagination, but other than that, I do not photograph models, nor do I make movies featuring other males. Yes, my wife, David is shown on my site, but not naked. Like I am gonna share those with anyone? I don’t think so, it is enough I am sharing my stories.

Those who do photograph young men, naked, should keep records. Should insure that the model is of legal age. That is part of their cost of doing business. It isn’t mine. Nor should it be. Yet the United States Congress thinks that not only should it be mine, but that I should keep records of every model shown on my site, including their names, their alias, and on what page they appear. All cross referenced including having proof of age on hand.

Get real Uncle Sam.

The claim is that this is for the protection of minors from us evil webmasters. Like give me a break, because the truth of the matter is this. You do not release private information to total strangers. Not only is that a violation of most Privacy Laws, but it is a serious risk to the models.

How in the hell does any producer know whether or not I am not some pervert, some stalker? To release that kind of information is just wrong, and it puts models at risk. Frankly, that is exactly what I believe the US Congress intended. To scare off potential models, thus limiting the number of working models in the Adult Industry. It really has nothing to do with keeping children safe, but is about satisfying a puritan desire by some lawmakers to inflict their warped view of morality on the rest of us. (see Gay Talk commentary)

It is wrong.

However, it is also the United States under George W. Bush. That alone is enough to make some scared. With the recent passage of the Patriot Acts I and II, it is not inconceivable of some agent of the USA knocking on someone’s door, when that door is not within the boundaries of the USA . I mean come on, how many secret prisons are still operating?

The lack of concern for the rights of individuals by the Bush Administration is well documented. There exists a climate now, of fear, thanks to these laws, where the FBI and other agencies are given carte blanche to seize any and all information, without judicial oversight. A person’s rights simply do not exist, if some over zealous agent so wishes it.

And they have admitted to mis-use of these powers, even though President Bush is seeking to expand those powers. Even in Canada , an attempt exists from the Harper Regime to mimic the Bush Regime (see Gay Talk comment), in ignoring the Judicial system, to gain access to personal information.

So for now, this is my compliance. To at least address the issue, to clearly state that I am not a producer of the photographs or videos discussed on this site. To help draw awareness to this blatant transgression of a person’s civil liberties by an over zealous government.



Assuming Responsibility

It is my personal belief, that my responsibility lies in letting anyone who comes across this site, that it does contain images that some might find objectionable.

Why so many are upset by the naked male body is beyond me, but they are.

At the top of each page, I clearly identify this site as being Adult, as well as dealing with Homosexuality.

If some unsupervised minor accesses this site, then the onus is on the Parent, for leaving them unsupervised.

Those who try to make it my fault, are simply attempting to avoid their own responsibility, and they know it.

After all, it your child, not mine.

Copyright Material

Some people like to steal, even when they can have it for free.

The novels & stories on this site, are Copyright Protected.

It means that if you copy this material, try to sell it or publish it without my consent, you are in big trouble.

Not only will I pursue you, but I will put the Gaystoryman Curse on you as well, so do yourself a favour, Do Not Steal.

If you really want to have a copy of your own, be a sport and Buy my Compact Disc that has all of my Novels, & Erotic Stories.