Reading for Pleasure

I am the Gaystoryman, and I love to write, so much that I want to share those stories with YOU.

Call it conceit or vanity, but I think You will Enjoy these Fictional Stories of just Being Human.

And like All Humans, & Animals, SEX is a part of living, so it is a part of My Stories.

If you have no problems with Gay Sex, with men enjoying the affection of other men.

Join Me Inside

Telling A Story

I can tolerate a lot, but Homophobia isn't one of them.

If celebrating my life, my lifestyle upsets you, or you simply are too young for this, then you NEED TO LEAVE NOW.


It is YOUR responsibility to monitor the actions of YOUR children, not mine.

I have done my part, by labelling this site ICRA and SAFESURF.

It is up to YOU to ensure your software is configured to block sites like this, IT IS NOT MY JOB.